Tara a.k.a. The ODD Witch in black glasses for The ODD Witch Shop
So you wanted to check out the "About" page. I get it. It's usually the first place that I visit on a website too. 
First up, Hello. I'm Tara. a.k.a. The ODD Witch. In case you hadn't guessed, that's me in the pic above and I'm not your typical "woo woo" mentor.
I'm on a mission to help you organize your business and life with The Universal gifts of Intuition, Astrology, Tarot and a bit of sarcasm! 
I tell bad jokes, swear some, and LOVE to help you get organized AND feel amazing. I'm just your super positive/ friendly /want you to find your happiness /everyday magic making witch!
Don't worry... you won't hear me talking about eye of newt spells or dancing naked under the Full moon. 
You will learn about
Lunar Planning 
Cosmic Branding. 
Radical Generosity
and some really bad jokes!
You can find me here or at theoddwitch.com or tune in to The ODD Witch Radio Show at oddwitchradio.com
To get you started, here's a gift. Download The Zodiac Archetypes mini guide below.
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